Might as well mention that I just saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and it was incredibly awesome, better than the last one. Everyone else will be saying similar things, figured I might as well do it here too.

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  1. Did it suck because the story sucked (Tolkien’s fault) or because the movie sucked (Jackson’s fault) or because of the acting?

  2. Kinda both. I think the story is good for a book, broken up to be read a little bit at a time, one adventure at a time. As it is, despite the length of the movie, the problems the adventurers face are somewhat trivialized by their quick resolution. It’s just not designed to be a movie.

    The acting was alright, although Sam’s monologue at the end was really cheesy.

    Though it didn’t really effect my enjoyment of the movie, the special effects of this movie seemed inferior to the previous one. The models were obviously models (for instance there is no lens on the planet which can keep the entirety of a tower in focus when looking at the top of a massive tower from the bottom) which hurt the impact a bit. Lots of flat compositing of people on models which looked bad. Lots of CGI looked bad (like the wolves and the domino falling soldiers) And if you are fighting a red firey demon, the firey demon should probably effect your lighting some.

    I guess principallyl Peter Jackson is to blame for not being brave enough to cut the plot down to a story that will work in one movie.

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