Sleep is for sissies

I’m out of sync with the rest of Calfornia because I’m trying this experiment to finally get my sleep problems under control where I try to go forwards around the clock instead of back. Its a bad time because I leave for Boston in 5 days, but I’m doing it anyway. Today is messed up because I’m supposed to sleep from 10AM to 6PM except I have a doctors appointment about sleep at 5PM. Whoops. Well, maybe she’ll tell me I’m an idiot for doing this. I’ll keep ya posted.

Second, I’ve been craving ketchup. I haven’t been out of the house in two days, and on both those days I’ve eaten chicken fingers and hash browns, and both times we’ve been without ketchup, something that never happens in this house but mysteriously has.

If you know me you know I am a ketchup whore, so this is a terrible turn of events. I’ve had to use *shudder* barbecue sauce. And then I’m randomly looking through another blogger’s photo gallery and I stumble upon this. I think I need to cry. 🙁