Mists of Time

When you wake up at 3am and start looking through old emails trying to find something, but end up going in a completely different direction…

  • In 2000, the MIT Admissions Office used to ask for your Social Security Number in order to sign you up for their email list.
  • In high school, my favorite cheese was “the orange spreadable stuff”.
  • In 1999, I was really impressed by a new payment service from X.com called PayPal.
  • Back then I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking and worrying about life and the pursuit of happiness. So not much has changed on that front.
  • At some point my parents hosted a 40th birthday party for a friend of theirs that involved a male stripper. It was something I said I wouldn’t soon forget. But luckily, I have.
  • It’s great convincing your friends to use PGP email encryption, until you want to read those emails a decade later and no longer have the secret key. I can only assume those screenfuls of random gibberish hide the best secrets of all.
  • Sometimes when I was 16, I could be completely oblivious and mean.
  • Sometimes I could be incredibly thoughtful and caring.
  • I can no longer remember at what point my best friend from high school and I stopped talking, or why. I have a vague recollection that we had a big fight, that I did something terribly wrong. But looking back at these emails, I’m increasingly convinced that we just naturally drifted apart. I’m not sure which possibility is less satisfying.

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  1. Yeah, same thing has happened to me many times when I was looking for an old something in my archives… It is always interesting to notice what changed (and what hasn’t)

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