Scandinavian Adventures: Frankfurt (Day 1)

We are calling this trip “Scandinavian adventures” although the actual itinerary consists of brief hops in Frankfurt (Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark) followed by several days in Sweden, divided between Stockholm in the north and Gothenburg in the west.

This is my third European jaunt with Kevin, and this time we departed late Wednesday night from Boston on a direct overnight flight to Frankfurt. We both slept much of the journey and were able to hit the ground running (well, walking — shuffling really) when we arrived.

Lodging in Frankfurt is a cozy (read: tiny) apartment we booked via Airbnb. We are situated on a tram line near the center of Frankfurt and “steps away” from the Main river and museum row. After navigating trains and subways from the airport and getting situated, today consisted of some exploration on foot.

Lunch at a well-known local haunt consisted of Frankfurt delights, specifically a somewhat tasty beef brisket and potatoes with “green sauce” and some yucky apple wine. We followed this with a “romantic stroll” along the riverfront (although Kevin doesn’t make a very good Meghan-substitute, no offense) and some time exploring churches, sampling gelato, and being utterly confused by the museum of modern art.

After some downtime (read: napping) as we strive to adjust to the time change, we wandered off for a German-Italian dinner, where we were frequently visited at our table by unruly dogs while the staff and their dog-owning friends stood around drinking wine.

Tomorrow: more museums! Botanical gardens! Perhaps some German-Turkish fare (or at least a frankfurter)! Trying to figure out how to call family members who are 9 time zones away!

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