No Sleep

Things I’ve learned from not sleeping:
Days lose all sense of meaning. My doctors appointment it today, which yesterday seemed like tomorrow, but tomorrow was still that day because the clock hadn’t moved yet.
It’s dark at night. You need a lot of light to feel not bad about being awake. I can understand why night shift workers can be so depressed.
When you fall asleep at 7 AM and wake up at 2 PM it completely throws off your experiment. Now I think I probably have to give it up. Next chance I have to try it is the 7 or so days of spring break that I’ll be spending at school without many people around.

I don’t think its bad that I did the experiment. It put me out of phase with reality, but I wasn’t really talking to many people anyway. I didn’t really get much work done, but I never do anyway. I always slept for 8 hrs. or less and woke up feeling refreshed. Much better then going to slee at 12 or 1 or 2 and waking up at noon feeling tired, which was my old routine.

As for the future, who knows.