Serious steel

Japanese Santoku KnifeThis week I bought my first “adult” kitchen knife, and I’m excited. As I have gotten a bit older and just a tiny bit wiser, I have started to realize that the matched set is less important than the single item of quality. In this case, that means getting rid of a block set filled with fifteen matched knives of all shapes and sizes — most of which I never use — in favor of three or four really nice cutting implements that I will use every day.

I’m not obsessed with having the best of everything — that involves a level of time commitment and monetary outlay that is at odds with my lifestyle — but I am interested in quality. I lean heavily towards very good single-purpose tools rather than mediocre multi-function devices.

When it came time to purchase a new television of a larger size, I settled on one that was not the most expensive — not by a long shot — but was very good at being a television. That’s it, just a television. No “smart” features, no whiz-bang 3D or other fads, no super-fancy speakers or internet-connected doodads or motion-control thingamabobs. It is just a television, and I am very happy with it. While peripherals and set-top boxes and remotes will change, I think this television will stand the test of time.

My first adult knife is a 7″ Japanese Santoku. I love holding it and feeling its weight and balance in my hand. I am looking forward to some serious chopping and dicing in the near future. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, and perhaps this new high-quality tool will push me to up my food prep game a bit.

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  1. You appear to have acquired a “Western Style” Santoku!
    Was this a difficult decision?
    Did you purchase online?
    Looks nice; keep it sharp.

  2. I gather than Western-style means that both edges are sharpened rather than one — the latter being better for slicing fish. Since I don’t like fish, that shouldn’t be a problem for me! Meghan and I went to The Chef’s Shop in Great Barrington, where they were very knowledgeable and helpful and let us try out various knives and gave advice. Then I went home and read up online for a while, and made the purchase the next day. So for me, that was pretty speedy decision making!

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