My Courses

Alright, alright, I’m finally putting it online:

AMST 100b Twentieth-Century American Culture
The democratization of taste and the extension of mass media are among the distinguishing features of American culture in the 20th century. Through a variety of genres and forms of expression, in high culture and the popular arts, this course traces the historical development of a national style that came to exercise formidable influence abroad as well.
AMST 134b The New Media in America
Analyzes the social and cultural adaptation of new media in American history. Examines the ways Americans have thought about and accepted new methods of mass communications in the 20th century.
INET 98b Independent Study
LGLS 129b Law, Technology, and Innovation
Study of interaction of the law and technology, including how law encourages and restrains the processes of technological innovation and change and how technological innovation and change affect the law. Topics include such issues as intellectual property rights and new information technologies, biotechnology engineering, and reproductive technologies. Shows how law balances personal, social, and economic interests.
POL 116b Civil Liberties in America
The history and politics of civil liberties and civil rights in the United States, with emphasis on the period from World War I to the present. Emphasis on freedom of speech, religion, abortion, privacy, racial discrimination, and affirmative action. Readings from Supreme Court cases and influential works by historians and political philosophers.