Shuttles Are Stupid

Today at lunch Adam fought with me about the usefulness of a space shuttle, yelling about how they are going to cure cancer in space and other such great achievements. I maintained that they aren’t doing anything useful whatsoever. Now, I have an article, published today, to back up my claims. Respond to that, Adam!

I do not in any way think that space travel is not worthwhile. In fact, I want to go myself. I just think that the way NASA does it is terrible, and if it were my choice I would send much of the money for space travel elsewhere, to more worthwhile space endeavors.

3 replies on “Shuttles Are Stupid”

  1. Not to polarize your opinion into a for/against thing… This is more in response to *other* people’s criticism of the space program.

    Yes, they really do nothing useful at the moment. But we need to maintain an active space program, because if we do come up with a use for it 20 years from now, we’re going to need people who can do it.

  2. And then at supper last night you continued the argument.

    I don’ t stand anywhere on this issue, and though I don’t see where arguing about it gets anyone, I do see both sides–which is why I stand neutral.

  3. Argument, the foundation of American democracy. Sure I alone won’t change anything, but you can say that about most everything. If the argument is thought-out and not knee-jerk, or even sometimes, a few very rare times, when its visceral, emotional, irrational, it is worth expressing. Cause first people talk, then they (hopefully) vote.

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