United They Stand

InstaPundit thinks its great that Brandeis has a “Pro-American” (i.e. pro war) group. I also think that it is great that we have one.

What he fails to realize is that United We Stand only has three members, one of whom chooses to remain anonymous. Not quite the “movement” that Reynolds implies.

4 replies on “United They Stand”

  1. At the time the article was written there were only 3 members (one who remained anynamous b/c we wern’t able to get in touch with them in time for the article to go to press (we were informed Sat. afternoon w/ a Sat night deadline).

    The group has since grown in its membership numbers….but afterall, don’t most “movements” start small?

  2. This was brought up briefly at the Senate meeting. They are “pro-America,” but the question was, if America were to choose peace, would they support that, or advocate for war? I’m thinking the latter.

  3. Most of us in the group are “pro-war”; in the sense that we believe that war is a necessary evil in some cases such as Iraq (or Afghanistan).

    But at the same time, we aren’t “rabid warmongers” as a stereotype would imply…which would also potentially turn interested people away.

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