No Sept. 11 Memories

I went back in the archive to see what my original response was to Sept. 11. Well, the posts from Sept. 1-19 are gone, so either I didn’t post anything (unlikely), or that important span of time was sadly lost in the Great Blog Recovery of 2002. That’s disappointing.

I actually was poking around because I’m trying to decide if I really like this design or not…I think at least the title bar things need to change, because they are too much like Wired News and not enough like a blog.

Update: Apparently there is something very wrong with the script that runs this blog, because the entries are in the database but have not been showing up on the page. I don’t know which upsets me more, that so many of my old entries have been hidden, or that no one noticed. 🙁

Additionally, you can check out the old design (and old entries) at a site I’ve just set up for that purpose.