Apple’s Music Offering

There has been a lot of talk about Apple’s rumored new music service. If anyone can get it right, it’s Apple, but I don’t see how they can do it with the terrible mess that is music rights — you have to get things cleared three times and it is incredibly slow going, meanwhile the pricing models are just silly and not sustainable, and the incredible DRM encumberment makes the services even less desirable.

All that said, BusinessWeek seems to think they can pull it off, and, if BW’s predictions (more like rampant speculation) are true (and they can’t be, can they?), Apple would unveil an amazing music service. We can only wait and see what comes forth from Cuptertino…

One reply on “Apple’s Music Offering”

  1. They might be the first – they’ve done some amazing stuff in the past on this front.

    They came out with a sound called “sosumi” in OS 9 – that was a joke to the lawyers. They promised that they wouldn’t do anything involved in sound otherwise they’d be infringing on the business of Apple Records – the Beatles recording company. Eventually, they had to go into sound, and this was there little joke.

    Then the iPod with iTunes both basically flaunt copying music. And they’ve gotten away with both.

    They might make this work.

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