In My Name

President Bush’s address was detestable because it was filled with lies. I’m not just using rhetoric — he was lying. Specifically, he said that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction. With forged documents, overinflated rhetoric, and, lets face it, other and more blatant lies, misrepresentations, and mistakes, the Bush administration has done nothing to support that assertion. Does Saddam have weapons of “mass destruction,” i.e. weapons that can be dispersed over large distances and cause huge, devestating, and lasting effects? Not that I know of.

Free nations have a duty to defend our people by uniting against the violent, and tonight, as we have done before, America and our allies accept that responsibility.

Apparently, despite what the popular movement says, President Bush is acting “in my name.” Can I sue him for libel?

One reply on “In My Name”

  1. Try it and see. IANAL, but I’d think you’d have a valid case. However, given the current political climate, I don’t know that it’d get anywhere.

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