Walking (places | in place)

Yesterday Jeremy, Peter, and I went to the alumni ice cream thing put on by FAB. Realizing quickly that we were out of our element, we left and took a stroll in Sacher woods. The area Brandeis owns goes on for quite a bit, walking-wise, and of course it was dark and foggy, so it was a very, very cool walk. Eventually we got back to where we had started, with only a few almost-trips along the way on leftover frost and snow. I would have loved to have had a flashlight.

Tonight, I walked in place, courtesy of the new exercise equipment in Rosenthal North. Far less satisfying. First off, my dumb old iPod died when I hit the play button, despite saying it had a full battery. Second, a girl was in there watching that idiotic Sandra Bullock watch-me-pretend-to-be-clumsy movie, so after 36 minutes (and 1.6 miles) of trying to read my book and block out the noise, it became unbearable and I left. I was hoping for at least some commercial breaks, but no deal, it was a video, i.e. someone actually bought the darn thing. Sigh.

IMDB reveals that the movie was Miss Congeniality. Hardly.