Site news (back online)

I cancelled my semi-evil Eryxma account, and they shut it down a few days early (argh!). Luckily, I was able to recover the two posts I was missing from a Google cache and the two comments accompanying them from the auto-emails, so everything should be the way it was.

I finally fixed the problem with archive view, it no longer limits to ten posts, so you can actually see every post I’ve made in a given month instead of the last 10, so my Sept. 11-era posts are back online, along with a lot of others.

I’ve expanded the photo gallerys substantially, basically getting all the pictures that were in the old gallery into the new one (finally), so they make good browsing. I like our mexico trip albums, and the pictures of the cats 😉

A few people have been concerned with email addresses in the comments box. Don’t worry, they’re somewhat spam protected by each character being converted to Unicode. Most browsers should be okay, and most spambots should choke.

Thats all in the site news for today.

4 replies on “Site news (back online)”

  1. There’s something screwy with the formatting – for some reason, all of the lines of text extend a few characters into the right-hand column.

    Is this my problem (Windows 2000, IE 5.50) or is it an as-yet-unfixed universal thing?

  2. Well, the system is now table-free, and is using CSS to do all layout. It looks fine in Mozilla and IE on the Mac, soon as I get a Windows box I can try tweaking it. Why does Win/IE always have to be so evil? MS-specific formatting is single-handedly setting back web standards and interoperability.

    On a non-related note, I’ll have a print CSS set up soon enough, so that when you print you don’t have to get all of the side navigation and such.

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