New Design, Categories

A bit more site news. I’ve put up a new design that I think addresses most of my problems with the older one. It is more subtle but serves pretty well to differentiate the posts and the side navigation. I like it, and people I’ve talked to seem to like it. There might still be problems with IE/Windows, so I’ll have to look into that. Stupid Windows.

Posts are now being categorized, and clicking on a category takes you to the newest 10 posts in that category. At some point I’ll make a little category navigation menu on the left, but the left side is pretty big already as it is.

Finally, I’ve added a widget to the bottom of the page that allows you to go to the next ten posts. now when you’re on the homepage or click a month to view, it shows the newest ten posts with the link on the bottom to go to the next ten posts or back to the previous ten posts. I like it, hope you do as well.

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