They Might Be Missed

I’m making up for missing the TMBG concert by listening to their music today. Sigh. I wanted to participate in Union government and all, but only maybe half of the people to be transitioned actually showed up, and not a single member of the old executive board who was not re-elected showed up :(. I didn’t have much to add, although I learned a bit…but maybe I should have gone to the concert instead…

I have really loved the last few days. Hanging out with good people doing good things — it is Bronstein weekend and so far I’ve gone to a bounce house/ball dance, watched some great fireworks, eaten barbecue, and made brownies in the East Quad office with Dave, Adam, and people who randomly showed up.

I agree with Adam now that people who aren’t in East don’t like it because of the architecture, but there is something about that quad — a sense of community that is lacking in other, more spread out and private quads. By virtue of having to be in everyone’s face every day, people are forced to learn to get along.

It gives me a lot of hope for the new quad. I am very very excited about getting to live there next year.

A week ago my mom asked me if maybe I wanted to come home for my last two years in school. Ha!