I need some good music to study to and work to. I used to have a bunch of great iTunes playlists, only there is no such thing as iTunes on Linux, and all my moving music around has resulted in my Mac playlists being dismantled. 🙁 Music is an important and integral part of my life, part of the tapestry of thought, and I almost always need it playing…only now I have no idea what to listen to. I want things that are uplifting and instrumental without being too strong. I can’t really describe it. Melanie Doane has a great song called “Mel’s Rock Pile” that I really like, I have some songs from movie scores that are great, but I can’t find enough to keep it going. The thing is, I probably have a bunch, just no good way to rediscover it. Add on the fact that I constantly find corrupted audio files and destroyed music, and I continually wonder what I’ve lost or am missing that I used to love to listen to. Dave says EMusic is great for jazz…maybe I need some jazz. When I listen to Kenny G, which is somewhere around what I’m looking for for study music, everyone laughs at me. 🙁 I have 5,000 songs, and I don’t know where to start!

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