Final Situation

A quick status update on me. I’ve taken my two finals, so that is done with. I’ve turned in my LGLS final exam and reviews, so that is done with, but I might be doing another test for her class (yeah, strange story) to be turned in next week. Done with Socolow (analyzed Farscape, have to go read it and decide if it is good enough to post online). Done with civil liberties test, and there is actually a chance I might get an A in that class, although I wouldn’t really count on it. All that is left is my (late) Whitfield paper and my Hickey paper (eek! need to write that!). My parents always want to know my grades even though I have no idea, so here are my predictions:
Socolow: B
Kramer: B
Abramson: B
Whitfield: B
Hickey: A
Yeah, not very promising, is it? I wanted all As! Well, guess I should have woken up in the mornings then…