Today’s Nudity News


The U.S. Central Command said yesterday it was looking into reports that American soldiers in Baghdad had stripped four suspected Iraqi thieves, burned their clothes and forced them to walk along the streets naked.

Journalists for the Norwegian daily Dagbladet said they had photographed a group of young Iraqi captives being led along Baghdad streets at gunpoint on Thursday. They said one of the Iraqis had the words “Ali Baba Thief” scrawled with marker on his chest.


A radical new proposal from the Green party in the southern city of Granada would see the introduction of a controversial new youth sex voucher, the so-called “bonosex”, to give amorous young couples aged 25 or under a 50% discount in the city’s hotels.

The vouchers would allow young people to initiate their sex lives in “dignified” surroundings, rather than in the cramped, uncomfortable and clandestine places they were normally forced to use, according to a party spokesman.

What an interesting day.