Memorial Eve and Pearl Harbor

Of course, all today’s television was crammed with Pearl Harbor docu-dramas to commemorate Memorial Day and, of course, tie in with the new supposed-blockbuster movie Pearl Harbor. I’ve made a concerted attempt to avoid television today, with some success. Darn you CNN, MSNBC, and Fox!

Anyway, Kel and I have fixed her computer’s psychological problems through intensive counseling and an effective use of fdisk to basically obliterate all old data whatsoever. Add to that some open-heart surgery as we removed conflicting boards, and finally the thing has reached some semblance of equillibrium. Meanwhile, I slave on my Calculus AP take home test that he somehow expects us to not “cheat” on by consulting others. Well, I won’t say if I did or not, but suffice to say not all of the time spent at Kel’s house was working on her computer.