Money, not school

Jason Robert Brown on school:

I want to tell this story, because it’s very important: I failed out of a theory class because of attendance. It was at 8:30 in the morning, and I just couldn’t wake up. [laughter] So I came in and I aced the final. I hadn’t shown up almost all semester, and I aced the final, and they still failed me. And at Eastman, you need to take Theory every semester or you can’t graduate. I was going to have to stay an extra year to make it up, and I was not only incensed, but I was so bored at that point I said “Well, that must be my cue.” And I left. A good lesson: drop out!

That quote comes from the transcript of a Q&A given at the Lincoln Center Theater with Jason Robert Brown discussing his show Parade. The whole thing is a great read, and it gives some more perspective to the show and the man.