Fair Use

I like this comment from a Slashdot story:

I know it’s elitist and all, but I seriously wonder sometimes if many of the people out there using MS and AOL are the kinds of people the Free Software Movement should be wooing. I work in a menial tech support job (where I’m forced to actually help, and not just smirk) at the moment, and the amount of stupidity out there in the user population is staggering. These are people studying and teaching at a major university, some of whom are involved in incredibly complex subjects… and they don’t “getâ€? what a file is versus a folder, or what an email “addressâ€? is. And part of this stems from the watering down of the tech world by companies like this to the point now where everyone bases their idea of what a Killer App ™ is on the abilities of either the mythical “Joe Userâ€? or someone’s grandma. And I’ve got to say, if I ever run into either of those two people, the stupidity confronting me will probably be my end.

Sorry Grandma. 😛

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