Lies, damn lies, and…

Bob Harris at This Modern World says I shouldn’t be alarmed by the wacky statistics that say 1/3 of Americans think the US has found WMD in Iraq, and 22% believe that Saddam actually used WMD during the “war”. After all, according to various polls, 56% think in war the media should support the government without questioning it. 33% believe a wife should “submit herself graciously” to her husband. 20% approve of how the Catholic Church handles pedophilia. And, best of all, 11% think Titanic was the best American movie of the 20th century.

What are we to make of all this?

Looking at the other opinions floating around 20 percent, I’d say that the extent of lunatic public perception of WMDs is, if anything, surprisingly low, given the constant drumbeat of bullshit coming out of the White House and megaphoned by the press for much of the past year.

So one-third of Americans mistakenly think we found WMDs? Great. We can work with that. After looking at these numbers, I’m just relieved 30 percent don’t think Saddam’s disembodied wraith is looming in a vengeful stormfront, ready to deflower the womenfolk, lead our children into Satan’s bosom, and force the men to read science books.

How could Bush NOT win re-election?

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  1. America seems to suffer from voter apathy & ignorance why?

    1/3rd (according to UN stats) of Americans are illiterate (hard to swallow that).

    The economically liberal country promotes survival of the stongest & fittest, thay don’t care obout others anymore.

    Bush education policy is to reduce funding for schools with low marks – great let’s perpetuate the cycle! (I guess he has to to get future republicans elected).

    A majority of Americans don’t care if WMD are found anyway – stunning. The message then is that once “whatever” administration has won a war with few casualties (their own of course) the reasons for the war won’t matter.

    It appears that Americans today treat these events like a sport – for money & viewing entertainment.

    How could Bush NOT win re-election? why of course prosecute the real fraudsters (Kenneth Lay etc..) and not high profile scape goats for public “justice”. Campaign funds dissapear…

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