Highlander: The Strangeness

AMC was showing Highlander, the original film today, so I watched probably 85% of it. I had occasionally caught some episodes of the series in my pre-TiVo days, so I was interesting in seeing where this had gone, and where the movie fit in the context of the series. A quick IMDb search showed a whole slew of Highlander properties. I read about the first movie and confirmed it was what I had seen, and then went on to Highlander II which is set in the future and involves an ozone shield. The hell? After a bit’s reflection I realized the best way to figure this thing out quickly. I went to Amazon and typed in Highlander. Up popped search results, and on the left the wonderfully helpful “So you’d like to…” entitled “figure out Highlander.” Bingo! Turns out the the progression is even weirder then I could have imagined. At some point between the series and the third movie the continuity gets completely screwed up. Still, I would like to watch this thing through at some point…

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  1. I am actually a fan of highlander. The first one is pretty neat, the second one umm never happened. Third one is ok, and the fourth one has Donnie Yen in it and is decent.

    The show is cool, it reminds me of buffy

  2. Yeah, I know little about Highlander, and all I’ve heard is, first movie good; second movie bad. And having seen the first movie, well, that half of the statement seems pretty accurate.

    I only ever saw one or two episodes of the show, but it kept me entertained, at least.

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