Thank YOU, RIAA, for destroying yourself

Ninety percent of coverage of the most recent RIAA action — their decision to start suing hundreds of file traders — is blatant parroting of the RIAA press releases and unsubstantiated numbers, just like all the rest of the reporting on this issue in the past. Papers take the party line, light up their headlines with words like “pirate” and “thief,” and refuse to actually consider the issues. Well, the Detroit Free Press did a better job.

Wayne Rosso, president of the service, was clearly pleased by the strong support from Grokster’s users Thursday, and dismissed the RIAA’s pursuit of his customers.

“They’re sociopaths,” he said. “Somebody needs to put Prozac in their water supply. They can do whatever they want to ruin their own business.”

As many as 57 million people nationwide have copied songs from the Internet. Kazaa, the largest service, is now the most-downloaded computer program in history, with more than 230 million copies distributed worldwide. About 2.5 million copies of the program were downloaded last week.

Recent studies show the majority of computer owners have music files on their hard drives, obtained from Internet services or from CDs they already own.

Come on guys, it’s not like you need customers to survive! Why not sue 1/4 of the entire American population?

That’s right, RIAA. Keep digging your own grave.