Matrix Reloaded…yawn

Here is the best criticism I’ve found of the faults of that sad movie, even better because it gives such wonderful suggestion for how to FIX the flaws. Stupid timid movie studios. So afraid to try anything new, but when they somehow miraculously get a winner through, they are then so afraid to mess with the gods who have brought it to them…or perhaps they did mess with the Wachowskis, by “helping” them cross-brand and self-promote. Sad, sad indeed. Something beautiful once agan wasted.

One reply on “Matrix Reloaded…yawn”

  1. $271,936,550 million so far US and still going and that’s just box office. Massive cross promotion money as well. As long as they get the benjamins, why would they piss off the Wachowskis? I think it’s GOOD that the studios let the filmmakers do what they wanted to do rather than micromanage it for fear of loss of money. It’s the wachowskis mythology to screw up, as long as they make money why should the studio care?

    If the studios had interfered, we’d blame any problems in the movie on them. I think it’s good when studios leave the creative decisions to the creative people.

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