Avril Lavigne

No matter what I say I’m gonna get in trouble for this one. 😉 I’ve heard the name “Avril Lavigne” a few times, and had Jessica point out to me which songs were hers. (Since I don’t listen to top-40 radio, I’m always somewhat behind on these things). I went to the iTunes Music Store and listened to all the 30-second previews of Let Go and found a few songs I liked and several I immediately loathed. I’m only remarking on this (besides maybe to prove how un-hip I am) because I find this whole music business so fascinating. The Amazon reviews alternate between fangirls screeching in awe and bitter skater punk wannabes savaging the girl for not being albe to write, dance, play an instrument, or sing without the help of a vocoder. Maybe she should join the Party Posse.

I’m afraid to play “Complicated” because apparently to the radio afficinados among us it is so overplayed as to be rage-inducing, and I’d like to keep my head in it’s non-banged-in state…still, it’s a catchy song. Ooh, and Avril is Canadian! Fascinating.

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