Back On Campus

It’s only 75 degrees out, but the overwhelming humidity dashes any hopes of peaceful slumber. I sit in the dark, for these rooms do not come with lights. The new telephones haven’t been given out yet, so I’m without phone service. The network connection does not work, for whatever reason.

The previous tenants left trash in the bins, booze in the fridge, and junk in the bathroom. I don’t trust the shower. It’s dirty and I forgot my shower shoes, so I won’t use it. As a consequence, I don’t feel clean at all, and sleeping in my own sweat isn’t helping.

I have two bug bites from my first night, and I’m sure I’ll get more. The window screen is faulty. What a suprise.

I’d cook, but first I have to walk to the store, then I have to figure out what to do without any kind of pots or pans. Or soap. Or plates. Or anything else.

I brought my own toilet paper, thank goodness, but so far I’ve avoided using the bathroom here for the same reason as I avoid the shower. I spend all my time in the Shapiro center, in the air conditioning, in an office that is freezing cold regardless of the temperature outside.

My first days back at Brandeis are not quite what I envisioned.