Babylon 5

The show is corny but highly captivating. I’m really enjoying it, and it is fascinating to watch a show where every episode is penned by the same hand. It’s kinda like the glory days of West Wing when Sorkin wrote everything, and it’s amazing to think about. But it’s also kinda funny because you learn what to expect, not just from the various characters, but in terms of reactions of characters in general, because J. Michael Straczynski writes in a certain predictable way regardless of who he is voicing. Much unlike West Wing, B5 was planned out from the beginning in a five year arc, with the result being that every episode continues the overriding plots and characterizations. I really like the way the show continues and grows in each episode and we’re not stuck in the normal loop of most television.

Yeah, I like it. A lot. I’m a little over halfway through season 1, and it’s nice to know that I have another 90 or so episodes before me.

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  1. Peter David wrote a bunch of episodes of Babylon 5 and I think there were a few other writers. JMS I think just did the overall plan.

    You’re going to be horribly disappointed when season 2 starts since there were some decisions made by the network which kill a lot of the forward planning in the show. That happens quite a lot with actors leaving etc during the 5 year run.

  2. JMS did write every episode of seasons 2 and 3, though, but you’re right. I started rewatching, beginning with 2×01, and I’m afraid I’m going to go through the whole thing again, and this time perhaps even season 5 (or at least the series finale, which I never saw and still don’t actually have).

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