Tier 2

As someone who chose to go to a “Tier 2” college when I had an offer from a “Tier 1”, I’m very interested in the prestige question, which apparently is much more pronounced with law schools. Oh boy. Unless I really ace the LSATs, I doubt I’m going to give Harvard and Georgetown the privilege of rejecting me, so I guess this will be a question I will get to continue to deal with. Well, I don’t mind it. I think I can stand on my own without a silly school name behind me.

But on a completely seperate note, Yay for Jessica starting at UCLA on Monday (or Tuesday?)!

One reply on “Tier 2”

  1. You’ll do just fine, I think. I sort of think it’s better to stand on your own anyway.

    It’s funny, I’ve been hearing publicly and privately from attorneys on the subject. The ones who went to fancy schools tend to think the prestige is deserved, the ones who didn’t, don’t. Sort of impossible to tell who’s right…

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