Is it so very sad that I’m not the least bit interested in the third Matrix movie? The second was such a disappointment and a destruction of the original vision that I’ve just about given up…do I really want it destroyed any more?

Paul would argue that it is the Wachowski’s story to destroy as they see fit, as they are the architects, but I personally wish someone would have stepped in and given those two brothers a good beating for so terribly destroying a piece of art.

Yeah, I’ll end up seeing Matrix: Revolutions eventually, maybe even soon, but I’m dreading it. There is a nice Slate article on the phenomenom, by a reviewer who obviously hasn’t yet seen Revolutions either, and thus doesn’t spoil anything.

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  1. Yeah. I saw it today because I haven’t been off campus in forever and one of my friends with a car was going. Without spoiling anything (even though it seems you wouldn’t mind), it seems as though it came to its logical conclusion. I don’t see why everyone is griping about it. My only complaint – the Christian imagery was SO blatant that it was just rediculous.

    To see or not to see? It wasn’t a waste of two hours, but it’s not the next scifi classic… If you’ve got a paper due tomorrow, then it’s worth the 8 bux to keep your mind off of it 🙂

  2. None of the Matrixs were good. I quit after seeing the first. They are just as bad as lord of the rings and harry potter. lets stick to Xmen please..

  3. I had just those expectations, and then I turned out to enjoy it a lot more than Reloaded. You have to turn your brain off a bit, but it’s more visceral and actiony and character-centered, while resolving (basically) the important questions. I consider it a worthy ending. I don’t really see what everyone else thought was so crappy about it either. It’s sure not The Matrix 1, but it definitely has moments. I’m finding that there are bits that really stick with me.

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