End of days

To use out of context the words of an unnamed administrator, this entire semester has been one big clusterfuck. I’m fucking sick of it, and I want it to end immediately. I want to go back to being happy. This needs to occur as quickly as possible.

I’ve been watching this TV show called Tru Calling about a girl who is given back the day to save the life of a person who has died unnaturally, be it by murder or fire or whatever. They ask her to save them, then she has the day back to fix things so that their deaths are prevented. Can I do that with this semester, please? Can I not fail a class for the first time ever? Can I not waste two months in an emotionally draining struggle for some undefined ideal of coexistance that we will probably never achieve? Can I just go back to doing whatever it is I used to do? Please?

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  1. That sentiment seems to be pretty wide-spread this semester, at least within my circle of friends. It’s quite striking, really. I’m tempted to start theorizing about things like “emotional climates”… Here’s to a warm front in January.

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