Not secured thanks to a word

Like that rhyming title? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, a new AP story talks about an internal Army report that analyzes the US…um…what do we call it…I guess “liberation” is the word…of Iraq. Apparently some higher power did not want the aftermath of the war to be an “occupation,” and because of this military commanders were unclear of their status under international law and confused as to how to proceed with the…um…ah, the hell with it, with the occupation of Iraq. Apparently the looting and civil strife that I complained about was the result of an Army that was told not to secure the streets, force citizens back to work, take over government buildings, or use captured money to hire a new police force, sanitation workers, and the like. The power vacuum was, as suspected, due to poor planning for the time after the war, a lack of planning for which the Army does not feel itself responsible.