One hour to go

My AMST 114b final is from 1:30-4:30, then all that remains is to finish this darn paper, and I’m done with this whole, tortured semester. I just returned from a nice quiet lunch of steak tips and a stuffed green pepper at Sherman, with pecan pie for dessert. I’m quickly reading through The Great Gatsby, and remembering why I liked the book so much, and how everyone else in my 10th grade English class didn’t seem to enjoy it so much. Sadly all of the symbolism, motifs, &c. is irrelevent to this test, which has to do with Gatsby’s imperial self-ishness. Time to figure out what the question is going to be.

The second test used a quote from Citizen Kane about living out one’s dreams. The first, I think, had something to do with Sutpen’s “design,” although I can’t quite remember. Obviously the question is going to be about something to do with comparing a few individualists, including Gatsby and Henry Ford. The trick is, how does Walden Two fit into this equation. If we’re talking about ideal societies I can’t really see Gatsby fitting into that, although I know some of Ford’s anti-semitism and dreams of uniformity might fit into that…

Hmm, I dunno.