Working and not

What’s working and what’s not in the new blog: All of the posts are here, but many are not formatted correctly. New categories, but nothing in them. Remaindered links, but no easy way to post them. Archive works, RSS works but isn’t linked, comments work. Pagination doesn’t. Images might need tweaking. Haven’t set up the auto-acronymer yet. Shows “new” posts but doesn’t yet indicate which posts they are. Took a bit of time but I got the newest comments tracker back to working. New calendar is pretty nifty. The “context” tracker is cool, but might not take into account all contexts. Have to see if I’ve missed any! Most of the “other places” pages aren’t actually there yet. That’s the major hurdle at this point.

I really love my new design, it makes me happy. Things are subtle, not too much information presented, nicely categorized. Pretty much all XHTML goodness, very few tables (calendar, 2-column links), and (generally) it degrades well. And I think it’s pretty. And it’s all about me, right? So there! 😛

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  1. Auto-acronyms now work! Takes a hell of a toll on page loads though…should be pre-processing (i.e. when the blog is submitted), not post-processing when the page is loaded. Well, another time. I’ve also added the long-missing contact info.

  2. I figured out how to turn on a caching feature that cuts down queries per page by about 50%, but it didn’t affect pageload in the slightest. Hmm. Still 70 queries to load the homepage, no idea where they’re all coming from. Bad query design, most likely. And too many functions to do too few things.

  3. WordPress converts email addresses to Unicode like b2 did to attempt to hide them from spammers. I’ve also supplemented that now with a “NOSPAM” addition…not sure if it helps much, but it’s not incredibly invasive.

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