John Perry Barlow talks about the phenomenom of iChat’s AV capabilities. He sat in Salt Lake City with an open audio connection to Joi Ito in Kyoto, Japan for several hours as each went about their work, talking to each other as thoughts came up, integrating each other into their lives as other people entered the room. He says this is a Big Thing for social interaction. I’ve done the same in the past with a few people I know, notably I did it a lot with Kelly (over the phone), and I like to use IMs the same way. But IMs are not the same, and Barlow is onto something here — it really is a wonderful experience, and a capability that needs to be expanded. You have to try it to get just how cool it is to be working next to someone a few thousand miles away.

On a seperate note, and I’ve said it before, the blogspace is just too darn big, and there are too many interesting things for me to read. How do these other people do it? Do they have nothing else to occupy their day?