Dean Wrap

I keep finding interesting tidbits on Dean. This is a consolidated entry — I’m taking three I wrote over the last day and trimming them down, since the good doctor doesn’t really deserve this much play on my blog.

  • Why the startling loss in Iowa? A good theory from a Kaus reader (scroll to Jan 21): “The decline in Dean’s numbers in Iowa coincided with the arrival of his vaunted 3500 ground troops.” Apparently they just wouldn’t shut up. The New Republic compares them to Scientologists. Yikes!
  • Dean may just have some Jesse Ventura appeal, says Slate‘s Chris Suellentrop: “[…] as Vermont governor, Dean never quite grasped that he was something other than an ordinary person, and that his words had unusual power.” Chris thinks that, more then any gutteral yells, is what is most hurting Dean.
  • To Be A New Hampshirite – “The populated part of New Hampshire is about the size of my living room. With nine candidates careening around it like pool balls, it’s nearly impossible to avoid getting struck by one,” says David Plotz. Clark corners him, the reporters stomp on him, and he likes the pushy New Hampshire voters more then the Dean cultists with the glazed eyes.

It’s just amazing how fast things change.