Family time

Well, less then half an hour ago I dropped off Dad, Mom, and Shaina at Logan Airport. They arrived on Friday evening and we had a near-perfect four days. It was really nice because we didn’t have any concrete plans and everything was very flexible. On Friday Shaina and I went to the women’s basketball game and saw them beat U. Rochester and move on to the semi-finals. Shaina got to meet all of my Students & Enrollment administrative buddies — Alwina, Brian, Rick, and Jean, because they were having a department party at the game. Then we went to New Mother India, which everyone loved. Yay, now when I go out to California my family will want to go to Indian food with me!

On Saturday we went into the city to do some shopping and see some friends. We had dinner at Legal Sea Foods and got tickets to see Blue Man Group on Sunday. On Sunday we did some checking out of Brandeis, went to dinner with Alwina at Porcini’s, and then saw Blue Man Group, which rocked. And finally today we did some more shopping, ate Lizzy’s ice cream, and then went to the airport. Every day we did something special, and the whole experience was fairly relaxed and easy.

I liked it. Tomorrow we start work on the gameroom. Stay tuned!