Childhood movies

I was looking through shared movies on the Brandeis network and I stumbled upon one that was instantly familiar to me — Flight of the Navigator. Re-watching this film, the favorite movie of my youth, caused me to reflect on the other movies I most enjoyed as a kid. They fit a theme. See if you can guess it:

These are four movies that I remember making an impact on me. I know that we discovered Flight of the Navigator at the small video store we used to frequent in Lake Arrowhead, and I recall renting it several times over the years. Perhaps my parents can shed some light on this, or on other movies that captivated me.

Long ago I made myself the promise that I would do everything in my power to leave Earth, if only so briefly. Visit the moon, maybe, or at least reach out to touch the stars. I think at some point in my young mind I decided that the only way to do this with any certainty was to become fabulously wealthy, as an organization like NASA is just not reliable (and, as depicted in Flight of the Navigator, it’s kinda evil). I’m not sure what I’ve done with that dream, perhaps hid it away in the recesses of my mind, hoping to one day dust it off and achieve it.

I know it’s still there somewhere, just waiting for it’s time. Man, do I hope that time comes.