So in CS today we watched AntiTrust, perhaps one of the worst computer movies in recent memory. The first problem, of course, is that it came out after the dot-com bust, making most of the story irrelevant. The evil Bill Gates guy just doesn’t really work, and the idea that you can take over a system of satellites just by typing in their IP addresses doesn’t make much sense. That’s kinda like dialing a telephone number to break into the FBI.

The whole corporation-bashing open-source zealot thing is also stupid. Having a movie studio say that “information wants to be free!” and then encoding their DVD with CSS so that it can’t be played in Linux is a bit…how do I say this…odd. Okay, so the story sucks and the characters are awful, but what about the tech? Yeah, okay, its pretty accurate. Although my webserver can’t handle 400 pageviews a second. So, all in all, a bad action movie with okay tech and a bit of Linux placement, but a craptacular story. Don’t watch it.