Gmail update

Oh yeah, I did end up getting a Gmail account. It’s actually a pretty rockin setup. I have about a dozen peeves, and I’ve dutifuly reported all of them via the “Submit A Bug” link. I even got a response for one of them, saying that they would look into implementing a feature I suggested. Gmail has compatibility problems with Safari that are annoying, but since I’m using Firefox most of the time anyway, it’s all good. I’m not gonna switch to it, though, until I can do more procmail-like things, and I can get the email out of it somehow if I ever want to. IMAP access would be nice…

Oh, by the time I got an invite code, dsilverman and silverman were both already taken, and they don’t allow names < 6 characters, so zeno is right out 🙁 . I'm not going to publicize my Gmail address (although it's no secret) just because I have procmail bouncing all my Brandeis mail there and @brandeis is still the best way to reach me.

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  1. I think they mentioned that they’re going to offer forwarding to another address in a message they sent me, but I’ve seen nothing about retrieval via IMAP.

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