“Rumsfield has lowered the bar”

When my grandchildren read their history books, Bush is going to be portrayed as the worst and most harmful president in modern times. Seymour Hersh from the New Yorker has the most recent story. Rumsfield created the program to torture Iraqi prisoners. It began as a method of streamlining military red tape in the quest to kill or capture high-level Al Qaida operatives in Afghanistan. It was dramatically expanded and bolted on to a traditional military operation in Iraq. Rumsfield’s deputy ran it as a deliberate attempt to avoid military checks and safeguards. JAG was so concerned they went outside the military for help, to try to get outsiders to step up the pressure on the Bush administration. The program is so secret that no one in the DoD is allowed to talk about it, and only about 200 people officially know that it exists. For 50 years the US had held steadfastly to the Geneva Conventions. First with Guantanemo, now in Iraq, Bush has destroyed that legacy. And many are worried about what will happen the next time we have a war, and Americans are being captured.