To Whom It May Concern

Barbara Laverdiere
Resident District Manager
Brandeis Dining Services

September 26, 2001

Dear Madam:
On Sunday, September 23, 2001, I had the displeasure of visiting your dining facility at Sherman Dning Hall in Massell Quad. I often avoid Sherman because of the frequently poor quality of the food, but on this occasion I was persuaded, mostly by the fact that Usdan was massively overcrowded. I was quite disappointed with my visit.

Although I arrived at Sherman over 30 minutes before the official closing time (an incomprehensible 7:00pm), I found there was very little foodstuff available. After waiting approximately 15 minutes at the hamburger station, I reached the front of the line only to find that there were no turkey burgers remaining. Furthermore, my traditional starter, chocolate chip cookies, usually in abundant supply, were nowhere to be found.

With Sustained closed down, the pizza machine empty, and a long line for a sandwitch, I had no choice but to attempt to make a waffle. But what is this? No waffle batter, nor toppings! Alas, I tried the salad bar, no easy feat seeing as there were no clean plates to be found. I eventally got a plate (from the hamburger station) just in time to see an employee taking away the salad bar! Not that it would have mattered, as there were no clean forks, and not even plastic supplements. Eventually I got a grilled cheese sandwitch and a glass of water, falling far short of my expected hearty meal and nowhere close to being worth the astronomical $7.90 paid to enter this supposed “all you can eat� establishment. For goodness sakes, there wasn’t even any bread out!

I’ve decided that from now on I’m sticking with Usdan and the Boulevard. Although their food selection is worse the the lines are frequently long, as least they have some sustinance to disribute, unlike the sorry dining experience we call Sherman.

Additionally, I believe it not inappropriate that I receive a full refund for my Sunday dinner. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


Daniel Silverman