Up and about

It is a record! Four hours of sleep and I’m not even tired (yet)! Three important things:

  1. Some of the pictures aren’t showing up. I know. Anything with pluses in the name became underscores, so now nothing is working. I’ll fix it soon.

  2. E-mail. I’ve gotten about 10 emails complaining that I don’t respond to e-mails. Thy are all right, because I’m getting an insane amout of e-mails. Hint: Send to dsilverman@mindwire.org, NOT my Brandeis account. The Brandeis one is getting so overloaded with Brandeis announcements and things that I can’t get through it. And if I don’t respond immediately, feel free to send me reminders, and bug me often!

  3. While I’m dictating all this code-of-conduct stuff, I should point out that often times I come online and want to talk to people at home, etc., but sometimes I come on specifically to talk to someone here at Brandeis. I’m sorry if I ignore or don’t fully respond to outside queries, I’m trying to find a program that only shows certain people I’m online so that I can avoid this problem. Now that the weekend is coming and I’m getting more caught up on my work, I should be able to chat with outside sources much more. Thanks for your patience. đŸ˜›

That is all! Live long and prosper. And did anyone else not really like the first episode of Enterprise?