30 May 2004

Walked around the neighborhood, snapped some photos, lunched at Bombay Mahal (buffet!), then stopped into Compleat Gamester to get some info for the gameroom. First draft of a floor plan (PDF). Followed this with several hours of AgBlog v5 coding and tweaking. Went to bed really late for no readily apparent reason.

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  1. Re the plan for the gameroom: am I right to presume that the three larger machines at the upper end represent a DDR machine and two pinball tables? If that’s the case, I’d suggest placing the pinball tables at the other end, since both DDR and pinball relay strongly on aural cues, and getting them all scrambled would be less than pleasant.

    Plus, all of the vibrations from the DDR machine wouldn’t exactly do wonders for the tilt sensors on the pinball tables.

  2. Good point. I was actually worried less about arcade game placement because we have no idea at this point what we’re getting, but since we certainly want DDR and pinball, it would be logical to think about where they are going. Here are two new designs with several changes. While the first design was using maximum recommended spacing for the various tables, the new designs use what I think is more realistic spacing, which gives us a lot more room. The difference between 2a and 2b is only in the placement of arcade/airhockey:

    Plan 2a

    Plan 2b

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