Keep American Safe and Free

I subscribed to one or two magazines in the past that are considered “left” or “liberal” and ended up on a lot of junk mail lists, which pissed me off. I also once gave money to, I think, KPCC (or was it KCRW?) and started getting a lot of crap from them as well. I wondered whether my money was going to anything useful for just going to more mailings.

But the ACLU has brought a case challenging a provision of the USA PATRIOT Act that I find particularily revolting, and I’ve decided it’s high time I finally join an organization that has become increasingly more important every day since Sept. 11. I unchecked the box that said “share my name with other organizations” and gave ’em 20 bucks, and I can finally call myself a card–carrying member of the ACLU.

You should do it too.

4 replies on “Keep American Safe and Free”

  1. Heh… I got $200 from the ACLU for some essay contest. Perhaps it’s time to return some of that money and become a member? /me checks wallet. Maybe later.

    As much as the Patriot Act (and other things against which the ACLU fight) disgust me, there are a few things the ACLU does which I feel are a bit over the top. But then again, who else is fighting against the things I so abhor?

  2. I’ve been an ACLU member since 2000, and while – like most people – I do not agree 100% with every ACLU stance, on balance they’re far more often right than wrong. Props to you for recognizing that and joining the good fight!

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