Should I sell my camera?

I have an Olympus C-750 digital camera, which my family bought for me for my birthday. It’s basically what I asked for in a camera…big zoom lens, powerful flash. But I’ve used it very little in this last year, and I think a lot of the reason for that is that:

  • It’s fairly big and bulky compared to other digital cameras
  • It doesn’t do very well at low light levels
  • Auto focus is pretty slow
  • Camera takes too long to “warm up”

Mostly I take very quick pics of people, surroundings, and action. The C-750 is much better at shots where you have some time to set up and focus and properly light. I don’t really do that.

So I guess the question is, if I get rid of this camera, will I be able to find something tiny, light, with a good zoom, that takes good pictures in the dark, focuses very quickly, and can go from “off” to “shoot” in a second or less? Does such a beast exist? Am I going to have to go and start reading lots of reviews? *groan*

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  1. It probably does exist.

    I can guarantee you, however, that it’s not the CD Mavica. I mean, I love it, but it’s really bulky and fairly slow. Focus is perfect, though, and instantaneous.

  2. Get the Minolta X series. I believe the current version is the Minolta Xg. The Minolta X series starts up in about .8 seconds and is immediately able to take pictures. The lens does not telescope outside the camera, it’s vertically mounted inside the body of the camera. The’re a prism at the top so it looks out the normal direction. The result, extremely fast startup and shut down times allowing for quick action shots. The night shots aren’t the greatest, it takes a long time to focus and exposes for a while.

    The X series uses SD flash, and can make movies with audio for as long as the flash capacity allows.

    I use the Minolta X series for my tourist camera, for pictures of friends and various things, and I have a bigger buklier digital camera with all the neat features which I intended to keep for more “photographic artsy stuff” with various exposure levels etc. Honestly, since I’ve gotten the minolta, I haven’t touched my “good” camera, as it’s just easier to carry around a point and shoot camera.

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