The Chronicle of Danny’s Day goes something like this:

  1. Wake up at 10:30, attempt Plato.

  2. Fall asleep at 11:00, wake up at 11:30.

  3. Shower. Clean up. Call home.

  4. Shave, go to class, add to discussion.

  5. More class, more discussion, meeting about paper.

  6. Faculty Mentor dinner thingy for first years. About 50 of us out of…what…750? A couple professors tell us about their lives. Its interesting, but the food (salad) sucks.

  7. Stop by the Justice. Nothin to do there. Leave.

  8. Islam teach in. Somewhat informative, interesting speakers. One woman, who was very interesting, talked for way too long and put a lot of her politics into it, with no one choosing to contradict. Typical Brandeis, I guess.

  9. Back to the Justice. Nothing to do. Wait around and read…uh…the Justice.

  10. David, features ed, gets out of a meeting. Says my story will be in news. Okie dokie.

  11. Waiting…

  12. Yanna, news editor (at least for the next week), gets out of meeting. Looks like I’ll be making front page, but its kinda funny that its news instead of feature, basically I think its just a space issue.

  13. I stand staring over Yanna’s shoulder long enough and she gives me something to do. Yay! I type up campus announcements and then the police log. Fun!

  14. Come back. Go out partying with a group. Turns out there is no party where they thougth there was one. Hmm. The BranVan has left, so we start walking towards town.

  15. We end up at a bar, but get kicked out very quickly. My first bar experience, and it really wasn’t anything special. Sigh.

  16. We walk to McDonalds and have some nuggets. Yum! BranVan comes to pick us up, and the driver tells us about a happening party somewhere else. We go!

  17. When we arrive we find the alcohol gone and the party ending. We call the BranVan…again.

  18. Home, Mac OS X, sleep. Fun day.

So that is my day in order. Fun, huh? Its like, I did a lot, but not a lot of accomplishments. Although I do get a nice warm fuzzy feeling about the Justice. Yay! But my first party circuit was a major downer, not that I was planning on drinking, smoking, or shooting up anyway, but I did want to see what goes on at those places. Perhaps next week, as I’ve been invited to a party in Ridgewood. 🙂