2 replies on “Apple did not copy Konfabulator”

  1. Most striking:
    … when a utility is designed to compensate for a hole in Mac OS X, the developer should not expect the hole to remain unfilled by Apple forever.

    A very interesting read — thanks for linking =]

  2. Sure, the underlying technology is all different comparing the mac os x and mac os x themes in other operating systems, or the itunes and the itunes-alike from Lindows, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are a rip-off. It looks like daring fireball is the shepherd of the mac community who is not smart enough to figure things out by themselves. Daring fireball is in general a liar though, he has claimed that the latest security problem in mac os x is not a big problem, but then he had to change that position. I think anybody who is relying on his poor judgement on the issues will fail miserably in life. The rip-off is so obvious that, it doesn’t take too many brain cells to understand it, however I see that it does take lack of so many brain cells to claim that it is not a rip-off.

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