My Chronicle of Higher Education

Here is a schedule you should not envy, but it sure makes for an interesting day:

11:30am Awake, stretch, shower, shave, print philosophy essay, go to class.
12:10pm News On Screen. A discussion of medium and message in the Vietnam war, and also some talk about the war in Afghanistan now, although Prof. Socolow tried to steer us away from that until next week. Some very interesting points were made with regard to American’s perceptions of war and our tendancy to not want to see things that are occuring. CBS used a “queasiness quotient” during Vietnam to determine what to play — how would it make you feel at dinner time? At this point in the current conflict, the quotient is insanely low. We don’t want to see dead people, period. However, this may change as the conflict goes on and people start to stomach more.
1:40pm Intro. Philosophy. We talk about various things, including visual perceptions and tricking the brain and such. We turn in essays, I play a bit of Bugdom on my laptop, interesting talk w/ Prof. Teuber about memes.
3:00pm I was supposed to meet Kelson outside of Shiffman but he forgot, so I went and grabbed a piece of pizza and headed back to the dorm. Kelson and I met up and went to find Prof. Cohen to talk about Mock Trial as planned.
4:00pm Not having found the American Studies dept. in the Rabb quad (I then realized that its somewhere else. Heh.), Kelson met his UWS TA to discuss his essay. I waited, but he didn’t return for a while, so at 4 I saw David, the Justice Features editor, and we talked for a while, then I went to find Cohen on my own.
4:40pm With no Cohen in his office, I rendezvoused with David as planned to do some Justice stuff. I learned how to discuss editorial changes with writers and how to plan coverage.
6:00pm I return to Cable and meet up with group going to dinner. I follow them but quickly decide that, not only am I not hungry, I have a fun headache and I should take a nap. I vow to call my grandpa (and try to get through for the 6th time) when I wake up. Whoops.
12:00am Not exactly sure when I woke up, but I was probably comprehensible around midnight, which would be 9 PST, so no grandpa call. Discussed Mock Trial with Kelson for a while, helped Sara with her politics essay for a while, ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies (I bought 10 when I found that the cafeteria finally had some again), and then watched an episode of The Pretender before going to sleep, again. That would be what I’m doing now.

So that is my day. Noon to six, Midnight to four, its incredibly odd because I really wasn’t up very long at all, only ten hours, so maybe I’m making up for all the lost sleep during the week. Keep in mind I did stay up until about 4 the night before doing my Philosophy essay. This was not hard at all, because my sleep habits were so strange that 4 was when I did my best work. Dunno how well this going to work out.